Newborn Session Information


Here is some helpful information for a newborn session and what to expect.

  • It is best to photograph your newborn between 5-10 days.  Once they are past the ten day mark, they tend to be more alert and less sleepy.  The sleepier the baby, the better for posing and such :)
  • I like to do these photo shoots in your home.  The most important thing I need is a room that offers plenty of natural light.  It doesn’t have to be a  large space, but it does need to be a room that is warm.  It is best if you turn the heat on for the baby or have a space heater handy.  If your house doesn’t offer the best natural light, maybe a friend’s house or relative’s might be more sufficient for the photo shoot.
  • I bring a few props with me such as baskets, blankets, and other props for the baby to be posed in.  I also will see what your house has to offer as far as props and incorporate some of your own things to make the pictures unique.
  • I ask that you have plenty of blankets, a Boppy, any outfits/hairbows, etc. ready to go when I arrive as well as a well fed baby (about 30 mins or so before I get there).
  • White noise is our friend during the session as well and I have an app on my iPhone for that!
  • You will need to be on hand ready for any feedings or little accidents (pee or poop) that happen along the way. ;)
  • I may need help holding blankets up or something of the sort so if dad is available that is extremely helpful!

Those few things will make the session quicker and a success! I love newborn sessions and hope to meet your new little baby soon :)

*Please note: for newborn sessions I try to keep the editing minimal and realistic.  I feel it is important for the pictures to display your newborn’s unique features at the time I take the pictures.  I will edit blemishes or excessive redness from skin.  Any other requests for editing will need to be specified at time of booking.*

Let me know of any other questions you have about a newborn session!